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Giveaway - Oreck Edge 10/26/10

Would you love to win an Oreck Edge upright vacuum and handheld canister unit? Just look at the eye-catching color combination and elegant design!

Some features I absolutely love:
  • It is more powerful than any other upright Oreck. There is no need to keep running it over the same spot multiple times. It picks up everything in a single pass, including the hair of my two dogs.
  • It doesn’t feel bulky, and its maneuverability makes it effortless to use. Other units just seem heavy after using an Oreck. Since it lies down flat while maintaining suction power, you can even use it to clean under beds.
  • The Versa-Glide true floating head makes moving from surface to surface seamless. Since I don’t use brooms, every floor in our house gets vacuumed. Having this feature has been priceless.
  • With variable speed control, you can set it on high for carpets or low for bare floors (or several speeds in-between).
  • There is a 10 year limited warranty on the upright and 3 year on the handheld unit. After a long and frank conversation with the owner of our local store (aka my son’s Disneyland), I found out that Oreck machines are built to last far beyond their warranties.
  • With this warranty comes 10 free annual tune-ups, where they change out the bag and belt, take the machine apart and clean every nook and cranny possible. Afterwards, your vacuum looks and works like new! I LOVE this Oreck perk. In fact, this perk alone makes the vacuum worth its weight in gold.
Other Great Features:
  • Though a sturdy workhorse, it is lightweight. Weighing in at only 13 pounds, even my son can easily use it. Plus, it saves my bad back.
  • It has a light duty Quickwand on-board tool that you can activate without turning off the vacuum and switching equipment. All you need to do is “park” the unit. It’s also telescoping, so no additional extension attachments are needed.
  • It boasts being the quietest Oreck upright ever. With his sensitive ears, my son enjoys this feature, and my infant daughter doesn’t get scared.
  • It has a long-lasting Endurolife Belt. I don’t know exactly how long this belt lasts, but in the course of ownership of our last vacuum (that does not have the Endurolife Belt), I have only changed the belts at my annually scheduled maintenance checks.
  • The long 30-ft. cord makes for less outlet changes during your cleaning sessions.
  • The side edge brushes makes cleaning corners and along edges a breeze.
  • It’s easy to lift the vacuum up and down stairs with the carry handle in the back of the unit.

Doesn't it sound so wonderful!

Well, if you want to win this marvelous vaccum, visit The Village of Moms and enter to win!

The Redhead Riter


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