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Giveaway - Columbia River Knife & Tool (7/21)

Here is a different and fun giveaway...

It's a KNIFE!


You can find this on The Johns Family blog. This is what she has to say about it...

"CRKT (Columbia River Knife & Tool) recently sent me their Crossover Shears with Leather Sheaf for review. Now, don't be turned off because this is a knife company (yes, all the men in our lives would be drooling to get to review one of their products) but ladies, they make lots of great products that we can use too! And guys, you are more than welcome to enter this giveaway too! My husband loves these as much as I do. The Crossover Shears are more than just scissors. They are extremely lightweight and easy to use and they even break apart giving you a razor sharp 5.5" knife.

I have to admit I was skeptical about how easy they would break apart because I still can't close most of my husband's knives once I open them and use them. CRKT has created an easy to use product and breaking the scissors apart is a breeze. You simply twist the handle to release and to turn them back into scissors again, you do the same motion. Also, they do not easily detach so you don't have to worry about them breaking apart unless you want them to. The scissor loop on the bottom folds down into the handle so that when you want to use only the knife, you have a regular knife blade. I was worried about the fold-down scissor loop because it felt a little flimsy. Upon reading more about the shears, I learned it was made of flexible TPR with a stainless steel core strap so it will have an extra long life.

Remember how I told you that these were more than scissors? Check out what all you can do with them:

Not only are they high-quality shears but you also have a kitchen knife, bottle opener, lid lifter, screwdriver, grill cleaner and a notch for boning animals. These scissors will even cut clothing, tents and sails. The entire product is built with full-tang high carbon stainless steel frame with ergonomic injection-molded Zytel handles. I have already enjoyed using my crossover shears in the kitchen, to debone & cut chicken, to open packing boxes and more. They come in a beautiful leather sheaf that can attach to your belt or backpack to make them handy and easily accessible as well. The only problem I have with them is that sometimes I can't find them because my husband is using them! CRKT was gracious enough to give one of my followers their own pair of Crossover Shears with Leather Sheaf."

Contest ends July 21st at midnight Central time.

So jump on over to The Johns Family blog and enter the giveaway!

The Redhead Riter

1 comment:

  1. YOU WON THIS GIVEAWAY ON MY BLOG! I have sent you an email with further directions. CONGRATS!


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