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Giveaway - BodyCake®

Keeping in the spirit of my relaxing tip #4, I have a giveaway to start you on the path of a spa experience.

While looking at the beautiful pictures yesterday, I happened across this lovely Etsy shop called BodyCake. The photos of luscious bathing and spa products immediately caught my attention and then I was hooked after reading about the glorious ingredients!

BodyCake's bath and spa products

I couldn't resist an interview and I'm sure you will enjoy it tremendously!

    "Being a converted "Desert Diva" ( Las Vegas by way of Chicago ) I struggled a bit with the severe climate change. As a result of unmerciful heat my skin became dry and flaky. I was well aware of the severe damaging effect of the sun and I began researching all sorts of hydrating products. Only to find through my research that many commercial moisturizer used cancer causing agents and man made chemicals. These chemicals were designed for TEMPORARY relief of dry skin, meaning constant reapplication.

    Frustrated by the smoke and mirrors, I conspired to create a holistic product that not only remedied my parched skin, but healed it by offering sincere nourishment.

    With that focus BodyCake® was born!

    I have been making products for the past four years, up until recently it was strictly for personal use and friends and family. I didn't initially want to take on the responsibility, time and effort it takes to launch a product line. I felt it would interfere with my "thriving social life", well more like internet shopping schedule. That has now all changed and as the saying goes, everything happens for a reason."

    "My spa collection is unique in the sense that, when you purchase our products, you will note that they feel different to your skin. This is because they are made using select ingredients that come to us in their raw and natural state, imported from six different continents around the globe. This means that each product is made with whole ingredients that remain full of the natural vitamins and minerals with which they were born. We also use only natural preservatives to keep our beloved spa delicacies fresh and fabulous. Thus, our products are natural and they are derived using only the best organic and wild-crafted ingredients. We do not manipulate our ingredients to stretch them and we do not bog them down with synthetic fillers."

BodyCake's bath and spa products

    "You can purchase my products online at the links provided as well as at different events around Las Vegas, check out website for a listings.

    BodyCake @ <=== currently under construction but please check back after 5/10/10

    I pride myself on being a great aunt to three little princesses that are 9, 7 and 3, I adore them. I am an excellent mother & wife in training (a bit hard finding that right one) however I am there in mind and spirit. :-) It doesn't help that I am a home body and obsessed with all things beauty related. However, if anyone has someone in mind, convo me... j/k :-) "

She has been just delightful and we both had a few chuckles during our interview with a good belly laugh thrown in for good measure.

BodyCake will send the winner of this giveaway an Exotica® Coconut Conditioning Therapy Treatment which is from the Exotic Spa Treatment line. It includes ingredients such as Shredded Coconut, Vanilla Bean, Lavender, Frangipani Monoi and Coconut Oil.

BodyCake's Exotica® Coconut Conditioning Therapy Treatment

Go here to enter

The Redhead Riter

The Redhead Riter


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