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Flirty Apron Giveaway (01/08/10)

Flirty Apron

The Mom Reviews is having the BEST giveaway and I say that because I just love these aprons! This was here review...

I'm really not what you call a "diva" in the kitchen. The kitchen to me is often a chore that just needs to be done. I have a few aprons that I've been given as gifts and such, but wearing one hasn't made me feel any different than a short order cook. UNTIL NOW!

If you haven't heard of Flirty Aprons, head over there right now and check out the beauty they've created for moms, dads, and children while cooking in the kitchen. It will blow your mind. Not only have they taken the most gorgeous of fabrics, but they have made aprons something you want to put on and don at even the meanial of kitchen chore.

Putting on the Original Chic Pink apron over the holidays made me feel sexy. Sexy in the kitchen?! Those are words I have never thought I'd say in the same sentence. But, my husband made a comment on how great I looked and "what was I doing after dinner?" Comment after comment from family members, I felt empowered and less like a slave in my own kitchen.

Women's Apron Details

* 30 Day Money-Back guarantee
* One Size Fits All
* 100% Soft Cotton Fabric
* Quality 2-Ply Construction
* Won't Fade or Tear

I showed a few relatives the great men's aprons and children's aprons and quickly all the details of the website, and prices were written down. It's a fabulous place to shop for gifts, even for the person that has everything!

I can completely see my two daughters donning these aprons and wanting to help out in the kitchen! I've always believed if kids help out with the cooking process, they'll eat better, so get those Flirty Aprons and start whipping up some vegetables!
The aprons are reasonably priced under $30 and are made of the greatest quality. Pockets are sewn in the front, allowing even the busiest of moms, multi-tasking ability (i.e. the phone).

Now rush on over to The Mom Reviews and enter the giveaway!

1 comment:

  1. I love this quote and this apron. It looks like something my Mom would have worn in the 50's or on a popular 50's TV show. Would love to relive that retro looks.


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