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Chocolate Giveaway

Eighty MPH Mom is having a giveaway!

Are you a chocoholic? Don't be shy - raise your hand! My husband and I are big chocoholics - there is not a chocolate we've ever met that we didn't eat. From milk chocolate, to dark and white chocolate, and anything in between, we are fans.

We are going to have an excellent chocolate-filled weekend. I am so thrilled to do this review. I am reviewing That's right - chocolate! is a mouth-watering place that features some of the finest chocolates. I had so much fun looking around on their website, and I wanted one of everything. I did not get one of everything, but the nice people at did send me the beautiful Godiva Connoisseur Gift Basket for review! But before I tell you about this, here is a little information about from their website: giveaway was on the Internet way before the Internet was cool. Two entrepreneurs Stephanie Fohn and Jennie Leavell started in 1996, when the Internet was little more than the latest craze amongst computer savvy techies. Believing the Internet was the wave of the future Stephanie and Jennie set out to develop a web site for ardent chocoholics and recruited a number of forward thinking artisanal chocolatiers to their site. During the early Internet days leading up to 2001/2002 many others decided to jump into internet chocolate sales, seeking quick wealth. Fortunately (or unfortunately for them) most of these companies were swept away by the infamous " bust". which emphasized great products, outstanding service and self sustaining growth, survived and continues to thrive by sticking to the basics. In 2006 celebrated it's 10th Anniversary, a notable achievement in the nascent world of Internet commerce. With a wide selection of artisanal chocolatiers and experienced customer service staff on the east and west coast, offers you fast and efficient service. So when you're looking for the best in chocolate, remember: is "your connection to the world of premium chocolate".

THE GIVEAWAY: The super nice folks at have offered one of my readers the very same Godiva Connoisseur gift basket that I received!
This basket includes the following: 4 pc Signature Truffles (Assorted milk and dark truffles); Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa (4 servings, 1.1 oz.); 4pc Gold Ballotin (Assorted milk, dark and white chocolates); Signature Biscuits (4 biscuits with milk chocolate 1.2 oz.); Chocoiste Milk Chocolate Strawberries (Sweet, dried strawberries covered in milk chocolate, 2 oz.); Chocoiste Dark Chocolate Caramel Bar (1.5 oz.)

So head on over to Eighty MPH Mom and enter!


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