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The Importance of Proofreading

Proofreading is a necessity, so just give in and do it correctly. You'll thank yourself and your readers will thank you too. The appearance of your written word does matter to the reader especially if you are offering your services for a fee.

Wut if i tiped this postin wif a ton of mispeled werds?

That is awful to read and I wouldn't read very far before I simply gave up! So follow these few basic rules:

After you write a piece, leave it and walk away. It is too fresh in your mind for your to be able to give it a thorough proofing. Come back to it in an hour, but a day later is always much better.

Choose a comfortable location and medium when proofreading. Maybe you like to sit in a recliner with the printed pages or maybe you prefer sitting upright at a desk in front of the computer monitor. Just ensure that you are comfortable so that nothing will distract you from focusing all your attention on the written material.

Proofread the piece several times and in several formats. Maybe one day read it double spaced while sitting in the recliner and the next single spaced on the laptop lounging by the pool.

Read out loud.

Read slowly. Now is not the time to practice your speed reading!

Find someone else to read the material too.

No matter where you go to proofread, ensure that it is quiet and peaceful. Too much noise equals too much distractions.

Look for the unconscious errors such as misspelling; your mind going faster than your pen so you skip words; keyboarding ("there" and "their")

On the computer - use spellcheck and the search function (look for parentheses, commas, periods, and apostrophes)

On paper - use a blank sheet of paper to cover the lines until you have finished reading the line above it. This prevents your brain from going faster than your eyes.

Needs proofreading!


  1. I always find mistakes when I read it out loud. That's the best way!

  2. I agree! If I read it back to myself out loud and it usually helps.


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~Barbara Pletcher~

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