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How To Write A Thank You Note

Thank you notes do not have to be elaborate letters. On the contrary, they can be short and still filled with sincere appreciation for favors and gifts received. Thank you notes should be sent snail mail (through the post office) and not by electronic mail via the computer.

How to write a thank you note:

1. Greet the Giver

Thank-you notes are usually written in cursive (I bomb that one!), have a date in the header, and a salutation followed by a comma.

Dear Aunt Barbara,

2. Express Your Gratitude

Thank you so much for the beautiful china set.

3. Discuss Appropriateness of the Gift

I love to have meal time special for the family, so I will use them every day.

4. Tie the appropriateness of the gift in with the giver

You always know just the right gift for me.

5. Allude to a future meeting

I look forward to seeing you at Billy's graduation.

6. Thank again

Thanks again for your thoughtfulness.

7. Regards

Love always,

Remember to always write the note promptly, but the rule "better late than never" applies.


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